Terse Tuesday 39

I’m working on two new posts at the moment: a celebration of the local pub and a round up of my favourite places to imbibe in Edinburgh (EDIT: the latter is finally up here.) To hold you over until then, here’s our view of Dean Village from our final Edinburgh hotel room.


Terse Tuesday 33

“Grey hair is becoming a stylish and fashionable option for both older and younger women alike – it can actually make a woman look softer, more premium, more interesting – younger, even, if done in the right way.”
– Harvey Nichols 2015 Hot List Hamper

Whether it was reading this weeks ago or noticing the extra silver at my temples, I’ve been seeing youngish grey-haired women everywhere lately. No doubt this will all have passed by the time my hair is entirely silver, but I suppose this all just goes to show that everything comes around again in time.