Saturday Spotlight

I like the structure of posting about a given topic on a given day. It makes it easier to stick to my commitment of writing here more.

With that in mind, I’m introducing a twice monthly feature to highlight the great restaurants, attractions, and tour operators I’ve encountered and loved in the course of my wanderings. Look for the first Saturday Spotlight tomorrow.


Not dead

Just very, very busy. But I am writing two posts on recent Toronto events, and I hope to have them both up later this month. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photo below, taken on a recent walk. Nothing says “summer’s on its way” like an expanse of sun and sand!

Empty beach on a sunny day in Toronto.

An expanse of beach at Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Toronto, May 8, 2014.

Happy returns


Leaving on a jet plane, 2009.

Leaving on a jet plane, 2009.

I’ve come full circle.

I kept a personal blog for a number of years and was on LiveJournal for a while–the evidence is still out there in the ether, I’m sure–but I’ve not actively blogged for longer. There are numerous reasons for this: a revaluation of private life and head space, a shortfall of time–largely reasons that can be distilled as life getting in the way, which, though bad for writing, is better than the reverse.

There were times blogging did get in the way of life, when I would avoid going out and doing so I could be writing. It didn’t bother me at first. I wanted to write every day, and blogging was as good a way for me to achieve that goal as anything else. I may have even had some notion that I was sacrificing for the sake of art, which seems embarrassingly pretentious now as I recall there was as much (if not more) posting of memes as actual writing. Eventually, though, two things happened: 1.) in cutting myself off from the outside, my writing began to suffer as much as my personal life; and 2.) I grew tired of the sacrifices I demanded of myself and abandoned my blogs.

But I’m back. With a new blog, and a promise to myself to let life drive the writing, not the other way around. I may not blog every week, or even every month, but my hope is to put experience into words and grow as a writer in the process.

Wanderlust is a travel blog, but not in the strictest sense. There will be accounts of vacations, yes, but also of exploits in my own city. I want to see new things, but more than that, I want to see things anew. Wanderlust will be outward-looking–so I reserve some of that head space for myself–but some personal reflection here will be unavoidable. I plan to enjoy the journey.