Peat Monsters: A blind tasting with The Wee Dram Girl

They say that alcohol is a social lubricant, and while I’ve never needed a drink to make friends, I’ve recently bonded with a number of smart, funny women over our mutual love of whisky. I’m sure friendships of this kind are the norm not the exception, but I can’t help feeling lucky to have made these new acquaintances. And all the more so since YouTuber The Wee Dram Girl, alter ego of Laura Meehan, asked me to be a guest on her blind tasting series, “The Couch.”

The premise of the series is simple: Laura pours three whiskies from her extensive collection, and she films her guests as they experience and discuss the aromas and flavours of each — all without the guests knowing what’s in their Glencairn glasses. Guests pick a favourite without the influence of branding or distillery tasting notes. The result? Good fun and some surprises!

Knowing my preference for peat, Laura poured me a flight of Ancnoc Cutter, Caol Ila Moch, and Bunnahabhain Cruach-Mhona. This is the result:

And my favourite that day? Here’s the big reveal:

Truly, these were three really enjoyable drams, and while I did pick a favorite, it took me a while to do that. (Laura mercifully edited out all my hemming and hawing.) I could have chosen either of the other whiskies on any other day. There is a perfect whisky for every occasion and mood, and I think my pick on The Couch was the right one for me on that blustery December afternoon.

What do you think you would have picked?


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